want to join a pool league?

First step is figuring out what type of league you want to join.  We offer three Nationally recognized leagues to choose from.  Next to each picture is information about each league.  After making a decision, click on the league logo you would like to join and fill out the form to get registered to play.  It's just that simple!

TAP League offers 8-ball, 9-ball,10-ball and Scotch Doubles.  Pool teams are made up of 5 to 8 players with a maximum team handicap of 25. This is to provide players of all skill level the opportunity to compete and have fun! We have many couples, co-workers, family members and just groups of friends who love playing pool and are also out to socialize and meet new people. Our format also provides coaching for all levels of players. Players can choose their coach and work towards improving their game while having fun!

TAP pool leagues provide an inexpensive social outlet for players of all ages and skill levels. Annual membership is only $20.00 and weekly league play is $8.00 a week.  Tables are opened for players from about 6:30 PM until the end of league play.  TAP League is a technology driven company offering players PoolNet for accurate real-time statistics and finely calculated handicaps. This system is very unique and used as a standard across the league. The handicaps (2 through 7) are based on a complex weighted average taken from the data entered from the weekly score sheets, which serves to accurately reflect a player’s overall playing ability.

As soon as this data is entered, both individual and team statistics are immediately available on line.  There is no need to wait until league night to see how your team or you as an individual are performing. This standard provides an equal playing field for players locally and across the country, as handicaps are 100% statistically based. 

TAP League offers many opportunities to compete against players and teams from all over the United States and Canada by hosting National team and individual 8 and 9-ball tournaments every November. Players of all skill levels compete in both National and mini-tournaments over the course of 4 days on state-of-the-art Diamond tables.  Nationals is a roaming event offering players the opportunity to travel to a new and exciting location every year, with negotiated discounted pricing for our players’ hotel stay, car rental, restaurants, and other activities near the tournament location.  In addition to the obvious pool playing bliss, this event offers a great opportunity for an inexpensive vacation for TAP members! 

Locally, TAP Leagues offer several different tour Titleholder events and other smaller open tournaments. Qualified teams and individuals compete against the best of the best in the Bay Area Bash to win a trip to Nationals.  

The American Poolplayers Association (APA) was founded by professional poolplayers and Billiard Hall of Famers Terry Bell and Larry Hubbart in 1979 as the National Pool League, which became the American Poolplayers Association in 1981. The two realized the popularity of the sport, but knew, that different from other sports, there was no existing recreational league system.

Today, the APA, also known as the Canadian Poolplayers Association in Canada and the Japanese Poolplayers Association in Japan, has grown to more than 265,000 members and boasts more members than all other “national” leagues combined. The League is administered locally by a network of Franchise Operators, called League Operators, and is conducted weekly in a variety of both 8-Ball and 9-Ball team formats. There are nearly 300 APA Leagues throughout the U.S., Canada and Japan.

APA League teams have the opportunity to advance to the APA National Team Championships each summer in Las Vegas. In 2010, Guinness World Records recognized this event as the World’s Largest Pool tournament. In addition, the APA also hosts a second tournament, the APA National Singles Championships, in Las Vegas each spring. APA pays out a combined $1.5 Million annually at these tournaments.

The APA also conducts the U.S. Amateur Championship, the pool world’s most prestigious amateur tournament, which is the only competition open to APA members and nonmembers alike. The tournament began in 1994 and has grown significantly over the year, as players across North America battle for a spot in this coveted event.

The APA is has also been recognized as one of the top small business and home based franchise opportunities in the world. Entrepreneur Magazine has recognized the APA each year since 1999 in their Annual Franchise 500 rankings. In 2010, Forbes magazine ranked the APA as the #2 “Top 20 Franchises to Start.”

One of the keys to the success of the American Poolplayers Association is The Equalizer®, the unique handicapping and scoring system that makes it possible for players of different playing abilities — especially novices and beginners — to compete on an equal basis, much like they do in golf and bowling. The Equalizer® uses a formula that measures a player’s ability. The result is a handicap of how many games a player must win to capture a match in 8-Ball or the number of points a player must earn to win a match in the 9-Ball format.