Brewlands Billiards League sanctioned by BCA is an in-house league organized, operated and maintained by the players here at Brewlands.  There are no league operators like you would find in other league formats.  Instead, the players vote each year and pick a president, vice president, secretary and treasurer (Brewlands will always be the treasurer).  

The BCA is a nationally recognized organization which provides in-house leagues with software, rules and guidelines on how to manage your league.  The BCA sponsors regional and national events for those leagues who are sanctioned and pay their yearly membership dues.  Those dues are $200 for the league and $15.00 per league member each year.  

The great thing about this type of league, the members decide how much to charge per week to play and decide how that money is spent.

The minimum requirements for a league to become BCA sanctioned is 30 members which make up at least 6 teams.

At this moment, we are currently signing up those players interested in playing in this format.  Once we have reached the minimum requirements for BCA, we will begin the league.

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