Our business is you...

...and we WANT to hear from you!  Connect with us on our Facebook page or follow us on Twitter.  We always want to hear what our customers think, suggestions they have and most of all, their concerns.

The idea was to have an atmosphere that a husband would want to bring his wife to, a billiard player would love to play at and a connoisseur of fine wines, liquor and beer could go to enjoy a glass of their favorite spirit.

​After many months of developing a business plan, searching endlessly for a location to open (twelve different locations tried and fell through to be exact), over two and a half years of work and nine months of construction...we proudly present Brewlands Bar & Billiards!

​Many people have asked where we came up with the name Brewlands.  The name originates from Scotland.  It is the name of a small estate that had been a brewery many, many years ago.  That estate is currently owned by Stuart McMartin, one of the four owners of Brewlands Bar & Billiards.

elevate your game...

...isn't just a slogan for our customers.  We expect all of our employees and owners to do the same!  Our staff have been hand picked and trained to bring our customers the best experience and atmosphere that you deserve.  We are dedicated to providing an excellent environment for you to relax in while enjoying a night out.  Our dress code is stringently enforced.   

The story of Brewlands...

...began in June of 2012 when four pool playing enthusiasts sat down in a restaurant and began discussing the possibility of opening a new, upscale billiard hall in Lakeland, FL.

Our credentials...

Larry Walthall has been in the billiard business for 19 years as a bartender and general manager.  He began shooting pool at a very young age and is considered one of the top amateur players in Florida.  He owns the 2004 Florida amateur tour championship title in 9 ball.

Michael Dauskart has been in the billiard business for 18 years as a bartender and manager.  He began shooting pool at a very young age and is considered one of the top players in Florida as well.  His amazing ability to remember customers names and drinks is second to none.

Stuart McMartin has been self employed the majority of his life and currently owns 200+ properties in Scotland, Spain, France, Canada and the USA.  Although fairly new to the billiards business, his drive and desire to learn the business has helped us create the perfect atmosphere for players of all skill levels.

Chad Clement has been self employed the majority of his life owning several small loan companies.  He started shooting pool at a young age but stopped many years ago to concentrate on his family.  In 2011 he began shooting pool again.  After many lessons from Larry and Michael, he managed to place 17th in the APA National Singles Championships for 2013 and 17th in Scotch Doubles APA National 8-ball Doubles Championships 2014.